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1.   The subscriber understands and accept that the term ‘English in a Minute’ means that even if the subscriber only has a minute, the subscriber can use the site to learn when the subscriber has accessed it, as described on the site in the words ‘Even if you only have a minute, you can learn’ or other expressions. The subscriber understands and fully accepts that this does not mean learning the English language ‘in one minute’ is a possibility through this site.


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7.   The subscriber accepts that no refunds will be given to subscribers for any reason whatsoever and the user accepts this as a term of using this site.


8.   The subscriber accepts and agrees to report any errors or to the site owner at info@englishinaminute.com at the subscribers own discretion to redress any issues the subscriber may have regarding the site.


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13. The subscriber accepts that all materials are solely for the purpose of improving English language skills and the subscriber will not take content on this site as advice in business or otherwise.


14. The subscriber accepts that business practices, terms, expressions and customs may differ from country to country, even where English is spoken, and will not hold www.englishinaminute.com or it’s owner/s,  writers or voice talent responsible for such variations, or for not providing information about all or any such variations, and the subscriber accepts all materials ‘as is’ for the purpose of improving English language skills.


15. The subscriber accepts that the subscriber will use all free and materials on this site for personal, private individual study and will not in any way copy or re-engineer any materials on this site, free or otherwise, for any purpose whatsoever.


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Date of issue: July 5 2013